FHM Records The Team

Who are we?
Holger Geinitz
- Metal veteran since the 80s in the Frankfurt Metal scene
- Musician since 1986
- Collector since 1977 big spectrum from Thrash to Rock Viny and CD
- Label owner GOM Records Onlineshop since 2014
among others Ashbury USA, Lawlessness France, Scene X Dream Germany, Arrow Germany in cooperation with Battle Cry Records
- Gom Records Music Store 5 years in Strasbourg as a retail outlet
- Gom Records Onlineshop since 2015 active in Discogs and various forums
- mail order vinyl and cds with focus on 2nd hand goods
- formerly working as purchasing manager at the Swedish telecom Telia/Sonera
- lives in France

Frank 'Headbanger' Hirnschal
-since 1980 in the north german metal scene (founder of HM Fan Club South Cross Union Kiel)
-passionate metal collector and underground festival goer
-responsible for the comeback of the bands Exxplorer and Siren
-professional experience in product development, supply chain, purchasing and marketing for 30 years in retail, most recently as a board member of the Schwarz Group (Kaufland)
-business consultancy
-resident in Germany, rooted in Florida USA through investments

label info:
- founded 2020
- financially stable background available
- old school metal from fans for fans
- excellent contact to many bands
- high quality releases with added value for fans
- extra goodies for own sales
- fairness and transparency -> every press order goes as a copy to the bands
- meanwhile 20 releases in the pipeline: US Metal and German Metal