Hi, today we´re proud to announce that we release the Exxplorer DO LP Symphonies of Steel in Black and Blue Vinyl and also the Siren Lp+7inch+Live CD Black and Blue Vinyl.
Hi, next big announcement: we release the Atomic Opera - Time Warp LP in Black and Orange Vinyl and also the Pyracanda - Thorns LP in Black and Orange Vinyl.
Hi, next big News are right now in the shop: we got the Killers LP - Resistances Blue & Black Vinyl, Killers - Fils de la haine in Dark Green & Black Vinyl & Exxlorer - Symphonies of Steel  DO CD.
Here we keep you up to date about our activities in FHM Records.

23.04.2021 - we´re proud to announce that we´ve two top adresses for our remastering of the Albums like:

1. Mister Patrick W: Engel from Temple of Disharmony

1.1 Mister Achim Koehler from Indiscretaudio

23.04.2021 - After the pre sale of our first products which we have scheduled for the release date on 25 May 2021 has started now, we will send all orders at 19 May 2021 at the latest out to you.

We would also like to inform you here what else we are doing.

- Bands/Releases we´ve currently in the pipeline or in the record plant:

FHM 0009 Siren - Financial Suicide LP + 7 inch Black + Color Vinyl ET : t.b.a. 2022

FHM 0011 Exxplorer - Symphonies Of Steel DO-LP ( Bonus Songs) Black + Color Vinyl ET : t.b.a. 2022

FHM 0013 Feeling B - Grün und Blau LP (First time on Vinyl, Black + Color Vinyl, feat. Rammstein Musicians) ET : t.b.a. 2022