Shipping Policy

WE SHIP ALL ITEMS FROM GERMANY WITH DHL GERMANY !!!! France will be send with LaPoste France!!! When you chose shipping without tracking number is it at your risk. When the CD gets lost we´re not responsable to send a new article or do a refund of any amount. 

Its hard to explain the difficulties for the shipping rules for you all world wide. We try to our best and please read this terms that you understand easyier that the shipping box is also with weight to charge for your order (parcel). If theres a over payment of the shipping costs we refund the difference direct when your parcel will be shipped via paypal.


CD normal 110 gr

CD Japanese Export 130 gr

10 inch 185 gr

LP 340 gr

Shipping Box 200 gr

Please understand that you must count the 200 gr for the box all the time at your final weight of the products!!!!

1000gr = 1kg

We ship everything with DHL Germany

We found a solution to merge a order when you´ve already done a order what´s not send to you. Please contact us and we open a added shipping method where you place a second order but you dont get charged for the second shipping costs. Please contact: [email protected]